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Getting Started

Welcome to the Point Network Wiki! This central source of truth contains guides for interacting with the core functionality.


Our wiki has five main sections.

  • Learn (for learners)
  • Build (for people that want to build on Point Network)
  • Maintain (for people that want to maintain the network)
  • Use (for end users)
  • Point Chain (for learning about the Point Chain Blockchain and Point Chain Validators)

For the project site please visit

What is Point Network?

Point Network is an implementation of decentralized internet, also known as web 3.0. Learn how it is designed to take control of your data away from nation states and corporations and give it back to you.

Say No to Mass Surveillance

Point Network is a step towards curbing the efforts to spy on every single computer user, including you and your loved ones, secretly archiving all your emails, photos, messages, search history, browser history, phone calls, private videoconferences, storing them forever in massive private data center facilities, and frequently abusing this superpower for personal, career and political interests.

Say No to Censorship

Sometimes it’s visible, when "Big Tech" social media corporations deplatform a sitting president of the United States (although we’re politically neutral, it’s not hard to realize that now they can shut down anyone). Sometimes it’s hidden, as with the ability to single-handedly change the focus of public discourse by moving a slider to the left or to the right, and let their AI engine boost some voices and groups and suppress others.

Fix Cybersecurity

The internet, initially, wasn't designed with security and privacy in mind. Decades later, we still struggle to add security and privacy as an afterthought. As evident from news every single week, it is so utterly broken, that the only way to get us out of this mess is to completely redesign basic internet protocols, drawing on the lessons of the legacy technology, but this time, using the best principles right from the start. It is certainly long overdue!


Tor, Bittorrent, Bitcoin, Ethereum - all these projects were stepping stones on the way to the Holy Graildecentralized internet, also known as web 3.0. Open for everyone, censorship-resistant, permissionless, privacy-oriented internet with programmable money built right in.

There are many projects growing in the spirit of this mission — from next gen social media to trading platforms, from office apps to games, from blockchains to streaming services.

Point Network is a proposed holistic implementation of the web3.0 vision. We're designing main protocols to serve as a unifying infrastructure for all such web 3.0 projects.

Learn more about how we make this possible here in our Wiki.